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Legal professional City London
Exciting life

About Me.

CAREER: +10 years experience as a maritime legal expert for a leading global insurance company - The City of London (the World’s central insurance hub) 

As a coach with extensive experience in the fast-paced private business and trade world, I know firsthand how important it is to balance work-life, manage stress, and invest in personal growth. 
EDUCATION: I am a passionate believer in human dignity, equality and freedom, and these core beliefs were strengthened during my Master's degree in Human Rights. Additionally, my educational background, including Master’s degrees in both Maritime Sciences and International Maritime Law, as well as ten years working in the international shipping insurance business, has equipped me with a unique perspective on resilience, adaptability, and risk management, a skill set that I bring to my coaching practice.

Work experience in Rotterdam, Paris and London 
Interest in languages (French, Dutch, English and Spanish, some knowledge of Japanese) 

Uncover your talents. Jenny Delaisse singer-songwriter

Singer-songwriter (ask for my Spotify Alias!) 
Travelling, the outdoors and tasty food 
Socializing and trying news things 

PERSONAL VALUES: Perseverance, patience, courage and kindness 

BELIEF: Learning a life-long opportunity 

Adventure and freedom. Find courage to make impactful changes.
Fun and leisure. Time management and life choices.
Peaceful mind
Connecting to nature and feel nurtured.
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